eResources in the Clinical Academies

Welcome to the e-Resources in Academies information page, which will signpost you to a variety of information and resources that will hopefully be useful to you on your rotation at the Clinical Academies.

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  3. How to set up your mobile device

If you have not yet seen the Medical School’s Academy pages, you can find out more about your Academy here.


Hippocrates was set up to help medical students get a handle on all the subject matter covered in the 3rd year and to work towards creating equal access to teaching material and resources throughout the Academies. The site is now expanding to include material relevant to years 4 and 5.  It is populated with a variety of learning materials (from tutorials to case studies to useful video footage and links to external resources). Several of the e-tutorials were written by students under supervision of consultants to ensure you are getting material relevant to clinical medicine in an exciting and interactive format.

The Hippocrates video below asks some of our previous 3rd year students for what advice they would give newcomers.

Setting up Mobile Devices


eduroam (education roaming) is a secured WiFi network service that allows students and staff to use the credentials from their own institution in order to access network services at other eduroam participating institutions—without having to set up a guest account.

To set up your mobile device or laptop to use eduroam, follow the instructions on the IT Services Wireless site.

As well as throughout the University of Bristol campus, eduroam is now available at all of the Clinical Academies.

Configuring your UoB Google Mail account

As you’ll now be based within different NHS Trusts that have varying security rules in place regarding access to network resources, we recommend this method of setting up your smart mobile devices to ensure you can access email without problems.

Set up email on Apple (iOS) devices
Set up email on Android devices
Set up email on other platforms

Student Remote Desktop

Across all of the Clinical Academies there are study areas, usually in the Academy Library or common rooms, which are set up with PCs capable of connecting to the University network. In these areas there will be an icon on the PCs’ desktop, that will prompt you for your University login details when you open it.

The UoB-NHS Student Remote Desktop has been created specifically to serve connections from the Academies, and will provide you with a full desktop experience in exactly the same way as if you were sat at a PC on campus. This means you will have access to the University of Bristol network, and all of the benefits that brings such as:

To find out more about the Remote Desktop service, visit Connectivity at the Academies.


Microsoft Office is free for students at the University of Bristol to install on up to five of their own devices. (Sign in required)