Dental Undergraduate e-Portfolio

By | November 23, 2014

On 1st September the BDS Programme launched an Undergraduate e-Portfolio, developed in conjunction with Healthcare Learning: Smile-on. Previously all student clinical activity was recorded on paper with students having different logbooks for the various disciplines they encountered. Now, all clinical work is logged electronically in one place. Clinical supervisors have been issued with iPads to sign off student work. Students have access to a PC in their clinical bays, however they are also able to use their own devices e.g. tablets, smartphones, etc, if they so wish.

When a student has finished treating a patient, they complete their log entry and allocate their supervisor from a drop down list. Students are asked to list their clinical activity and also reflect on what they’ve done well, and areas for improvement. The supervisor then sees this entry in their session log, and completes it by giving comments and grading in three areas – Knowledge, Skills and Professionalism. When both parties are happy there is a final approval by the supervisor, after which no further changes can be made. The entry is then logged against the student and can be reported on in a number of ways.

A supervisor's view of their log session

A supervisor’s view of their log session

The e-Portfolio is web-based, so accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Its introduction has also resulted in the positive effect of forcing improvements to the Eduroam wifi availability at the Dental Hospital.

Initial informal feedback has been enormously positive and a future survey is planned to obtain useful qualitative feedback. This will enable us to see what has worked well, and what can be improved.

Current and future developments are based around adding further reflections on a variety of work and case based discussions to the portfolio to allow even greater collecting and reporting of student work.

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