Academy Student Timetables in Microsoft Outlook Online Calendar

This is a guide for students in years 2-5 who are placed with an Academy that uses Microsoft Outlook to deliver your timetable.

As of academic year 2019-20, students in years 3-5 will be aware that email, calendar and storage services previously provided by Google have been updated to the Microsoft Office 365 platform. More information on the move is available on the IT Services web site:

Understanding your timetable in Outlook Calendar

Whereas paper timetables will go out of date as changes are made, your electronic timetable in Outlook will automatically stay up-to-date for you without you needing to do anything. Changes will automatically appear and you will always be able to access your timetable from any computer or device with internet access.

Differences between central Year Timetables and Academy Timetables

In Years 1 and 2, you may be used to viewing your central teaching timetable in your personal calendar in Outlook (or Google). All teaching events are added there automatically from a central University timetabling system. However, while based at the Clinical Academies, each block of teaching is timetabled by different teams, and you will need to subscribe to the appropriate calendar related to your teaching block to view your timetable.

While at the Clinical Academies, your timetables are prepared by your Academy Administrators and colleagues based in specific teaching areas in NHS Trusts.

To view your timetable, you should add the calendars you need in your University Outlook account (accessible here) from the ‘directory’. If you use Outlook to manage your personal schedule, you will be able to see a combined view of your personal and academy timetable to help you avoid clashes and manage your time effectively.

Please ask your Academy Administrator if you are unsure of the calendar you need to access in Outlook for your placement.

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