Health Sciences TEL Newsletter (December 2015)

Clinically Speaking – full version available to Bristol medical students

Augmented Reality used for Dental School Open Day

Student Response Systems showcase

On 17 September, the TEL Team and the Medical Education Team ran a highly successful event showcasing the many ways Student Response Systems are currently being used at the University. Over 50 attendees, from all parts of the University, benefited from a mixture of case studies and introductions to the different systems.

“Really useful to see many different approaches.” 

“I liked the emphasis on student engagement and pedagogy.” 

It was very inspiring to see the different ways that people have used the same technology to engage their students – and the majority of attendees said that they had been inspired to use Student Response Systems in their own teaching.

“I really enjoyed meeting with like-minded staff and hearing all the creative ideas that are being tried.” 

“Came away with new ideas.” 

“Have definitely been inspired to use the technology.” 

More information on Student Response Systems and their use – as well as details of the University’s SRS support network – including recordings of the presentations at the event, can be found on the TEL Team’s webpages.