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Social Media in LiTHE

Every summer we run a Social Media session for our Medical Students on their Year 2 LiTHE Academy Placements. This one hour session includes a discussion about varying experiences using a range of social media services, a couple of mini-practicals and a Facebook privacy overview. Our aim is that students leave the session having had a chance to:

  • express their thoughts, concerns and hopes regarding how social media is used within the context of the medical profession
  • think about the way in which technology (and especially mobile technology) is changing behaviours and expectations
  • appreciate the benefits of managing a strong online identity that highlights your personal strengths

Some of the resources we will discuss in our session are linked here for reference:

GMC Social Media Guidelines: Doctors’ Use of Social Media 2013
GMC Guidance document: Doctors’ Use of Social media [PDF]

Facebook Privacy 2005-2010: Matt McKeon: Interactive chart that illustrates changes to Facebook’s default privacy settings between 2005-2010.
Facebook Help: Privacy: up to date guidance on how to configure your Facebook privacy settings

Google: Manage your Online Reputation: A set of tools Google have compiled to help you manage what people see when they search for you.
Google: Remove content: Ask Google to remove old web pages or cached content from their searches. A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.
NameChk: Check if your own name or usual username is taken on a range of web services.

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Twitter is awash with information on Medical Education. Symplur have a Healthcare Hashtag Project , which helpfully lists a huge array of Twitter conversations and topics that you can browse at your leisure. Here are some of the hashtags we follow:



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