NHS Spam Filter

Throughout the MBChB programme, students will regularly be corresponding with NHS Staff via email. To avoid any instances where important information might be missed, we recommend creating a Gmail filter which will prevent any NHS domain mail being sent to your spam folder.

In order to do this, you can watch this video or follow the four instructions below to ensure you always receive NHS email.

To start the process, log in to your email as usual via MyBristol, and there should be a button or link you can click e.g. ‘Go to GMail’ – to open GMail fully in your browser. [see screenshot]

Note that you need to open GMail on a desktop/laptop computer, or open the page in ‘desktop view’ on a mobile device to complete this process.

Step 1: Log into your University Gmail, click the gear icon in the top right cog and open the Settings page.

Step 2: Click the ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ tab, then click ‘Create a new filter’

Step 3: In the popup that appears, within the ‘FROM’ field, type in the text exactly as shown below:spamfilter1

@nhs.uk OR @nhs.net

then click ‘Create filter with this search’

Step 4: In the options that appear, tick the ‘Never send it to Spam’ box. You can apply other options here if you choose to.

When you are ready, click ‘Create Filter’ and the changes will take effect.