TEL Materials

We have produced a series of guides to developing TEL materials. Whilst these guides were developed with students in mind, they should be very useful for anyone interested in producing TEL materials for undergraduate medicine.

Tutorial guide

The tutorial guide suggests different learning approaches that you may wish to use in writing your tutorial. Although it was designed with Coursegenie users in mind, it will be relevant for whatever web tutorial platform you choose.

Software guide

The software guide demonstrates tools that you may like to use in the development of your tutorial. This is not an exhaustive list but it will give you an idea of what is available.

Seven steps to a good tutorial

These hints and tips outline how to produce good TEL materials and avoid some of the possible pitfalls. (note: some content within this resource may require you to login using your Blackboard VLE credentials)

Further useful information is available on the ESU’s Technology Enhanced Learning pages.

Examples from our students

Some great examples of TEL materials developed by our students can be found on our Pinterest site:

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