Downloading your ePortfolio records from the UMEP

This guide covers how to download your personal ePortfolio records, including items in your personal library, from your UMeP.  You will still have access to your UMeP when you are a Foundation Doctor and can continue to sign in using your password. However, we recommend you download your ePortfolio records and store them in a safe place.

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Getting started

First you will need to navigate to the Download ePortfolio section of the UMeP. From there you can then choose which areas of the ePortfolio to download. To get started:

  1. Log into the ePortfolio
  2. In the menu, click on Profile > Download Portfolio
  3. Click on the +CREATE button.

Creating a CAPS Sign-off Report PDF

From this page: ‘Select items in my ePortfolio to make into a PDF’. You have two ‘item source’ options: Curriculum/Competencies or Forms. (see images below)

If you want to download a record of your Sign-off Report, click on Curriculum/Competencies, then look further down to the ‘Available items’ box. Click ‘Undergraduate (Signoff Report – Bristol)’ and click on the > arrow to add it to the ‘Selected Items’ box as shown below.

When you have done this, scroll down and click ‘Create PDF’

Creating a Form response report e.g. Self TAB, reflections

To download records of other form responses such as your Self TAB, you can click on the ‘Forms’ check box and select the Year Group that you would like to use to generate reports, as shown below. Due to the size of the reports, it is usually sensible to create one report per year of study.

With the ‘forms’ option box selected, choose a Year from the drop-down menu.

Downloading your PDF reports

Once you have created a PDF the page will refresh and you will see the file present on your Download Portfolio page.

From the Actions menu, you can:

  • ‘View’ the PDF (this starts a download) – we recommend you do this ASAP if you are happy with the report and store it in a safe place
  • Edit the description of your report
  • Share the report (this generates a URL link that you can send to yourself and others that links directly to the report)
  • Delete this report.

Downloading items from your Personal Library

We would also recommend you consider downloading the contents from your personal library into a safe location (if you don’t have them already). To download files from your personal library, simply click on the ‘Actions’ button next to the item you want to download, and then click ‘View’. This will start a download of the file.

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You can download your files by clicking on ‘Actions’ then ‘View File’ to begin the download.